Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coming of age day!!

Hi, today I will talk about the celemony of coming of age day in my hometown. On January 8th, 2006, the celemony was held at the big city gym. There were all of 20 years-old peple in Komatsu city, it is my home city, in the gym and I met many old friends. Chairs were classified by each junior high school and therewere 10 schools in the city. Every women wearing kimono were so beautiful and gorgeous, and every men had became handsome. I was very surprised at my friends because their appearances changed very much to nice!! We had a really good time there. After the celemony, we held a class reunion. The party really ran high. We all drank and talk a lot about old time. Also there were our old teachers came so I felt good old at that time. Then I realized I liked my hometown and my friends. I am proud of the warmth of my hometown and I want to keep the bond with our friends forever☆☆☆

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My luxurious vacation!!

Hello, long time no see!! How are you? I was really enjoying my winter vacation☆☆ I 'll tell you about one of the memories in winter vacation. Do you know "Kagaya" ? It locates in Ishikawa, my home town, and it is the best Japanese-style hotel in Japan. It is said thtat its hospitality is top class and the spas is wonderful. I really love spa. When I am in the spa, I feel "I'm really happy to be Japanese." Moreover, the hotel has two spa only for women so I could enjoy two different kinds of spa in the hotel. At the spa, parts of the walls were glasses!! So I can see the Japanese sea during bath time. Can you imagine? Of course, quality of spa was great. After the bath time, my skin was slick☆☆ At the dinner, there were a lot of sea foods and That is my favorite food. Especially Ishikawa faces sea so it is a good source of fish and shell. Moreover, there were a lot of amusement places in the hotel. After dinner, I went to a show case with my family. It was similar to a circus. And we went to Karaoke box and sang some songs. Again, I really really enjoyed the hotel. I recommend you to go there at least once. The travel expenses were expensive but very valueble. I promise it!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Part-time job is very fun!!

Recently, Decenber 12th, year-end party was held in Nanba with the members of my part-time job. We went to yakiniku restaurant whose boss is my mastar's friend. The number of members were about 30 and we had a really fun time!! Most people drank so feeling over the party ran high. Also, dishes were delicious. It was long time no eat yakiniku for me so I was very happy. Recently, some young people whose age are close to mine entered this part-time job so we can make friends easily. Now, all of members are so friendly. I like this place now. After the party, we went to karaoke box. Then, there were many people whose ages were various so some sang enka and others sang pop music. It was rare that people who young and old gather in one place and drank alcohol and had a fun. I want to go agin but unfortunately, it can be held at once a year. So outside the party, i want to make a good freindship with these guys!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Behave as a celeb!!

Recently, I went to Umeda with Yamayu to study about manner at like a cram school called "Celeb school". A teacher of The school was a stewardess of JAL at once and now, she teachs her students about how to behave politely, how to be a stewardess, or how to be liked by around people. So at first, I decided to go there only for my future, but I really enjoyed to learn about how to behave feminine or to be popular with men. It was so interesting. I haven't never known even defference between manner and etiquette until I studied in the class. Do you know? Etiquette is what we learned since we were small children from our parents or others. on teh other hand, manner is etiquette plus kindness. So children cannot learn manner because they are too young to understand kindness or delicacy. So when you become more older, manner is more important for your life to relate to around people. From now on, I will take care about my behavior and be a kind woman.

Friday, November 25, 2005

THe movie was scaring but exciting me!!

First, have you ever watched "SAW," a kind of psycho horror movie? I have watched it with my friends. Actually, there are "SAW" on DVD and "SAW2" in sheater. When I watched "SAW," I was very shocked because I have never watched such as cruel and horrible movie, but at the same time, I admired that the story was perfect to connect at the beginning to the end. I will not mention a lot about the story here because you can be excited more when you don't have idea of the movie. In the movie, there is an abnormal & mad killer named "jigsaw". He finds some people who do not tresure their lives, for example committing suicide, and let them play certain games. The games are different from each other and if they lose the games, they will die in a cruel way. The description was really horrible so I recommend you not to watch alone. Anyway, at the beginning of the movie, some scene seemed to have no meaning showed, but at the end, we noticed all of the scenes have meaning in fact. Moreover, recently I went to watch 2 with my friends and we were more excited than former one. Because organization was very perect! I never want to watch this movie because of horror movie but I really admire the director and recommend you to watch!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

About My Favorite Event

However this is a little late topic, recently, in October 31st, people hold a big event "Halloween" mainly in America. I have joined this interesting event twice when I was a little child. My first experience of Halloween was in 1989, I was 4 years old, and I dressed up as Snow White. I went to some neighborhoods with my friends and said "trick or treat!." Then the adults said "I'm scared," and gave us sweets. When I came back home, my basket was fulled with many candies or chocolates! I really really enjoyed Halloween. Next time, I dressed up as an angel. It was also an enjoynable day. I think every children, even teenagers and adults, love Halloween because it can make us what we want to be. I have never heard such as funny and fantastic event. So this memory is kept in my mind strongly. I wonder why this event is not held in Japan. It is a good oppotunity to comminucate with neighborhood and very fun. So if I live in America with my futere family, I will paticipate in this event absolutely with my future children!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Gaidai festival!!

From Novenber 3rd to 6th, my university held festival!! As I said before, my club sold a lot of churosu. I joined all of 4 days and I had a really good time. And amazingly, our club's sales were about 240,000 yen!! And profit was almost reached 200,000 yen. I was very excited bcause I had never expected such an incredible result. This memory was one of the happiest things of all mine. I was often walking at the campus to sell these churosu with a friend. When i walked, we could meet many people who were student from Kansai Gaidai, other college, or just outside. I think that meeting many kinds of people and talking them is pleasure of festival. In final day, I didn't wanna finish this great festival. But after the working, we held drinking perty in Hirakata with money we earned. So we could drink and eat without our own money. It was so cool!! I am proud of the taste of our churosu, so I want this food to become symbol of our club's festival goods.